Thesis: Integration of geospatial services into e-Government applications based on e-Government and SDI standards

Published: unpublished
Sourcecode: github repository
Abstract. This thesis analyses the technical means that are necessary to integrate geospatial data services into e-Government applications. To do so, experts from both, the geospatial domain and the e-Government domain were interviewed to find use-cases which emerge from this integration. The examination of these use-cases showed, that an integration is only possible when basic requirements addressing the secure, traceable, and legally binding transport of messages are met. In e-Government infrastructures standardised transport technologies like OSCI were developed to meet these requirements. In order to satisfy the identified requirements and to enable legally binding, secure and traceable information exchange between services of SDIs and e-Government applications, this work applies the techniques of the transport protocol OSCI to a geospatial data service. The developed prototypical application is on the one hand capable of providing the necessary security, on the other hand it preserves the standards which are used in SDIs. This work shows that an integration of geospatial services into standardised e-Government applications is feasible, when all requirements are met.
@MASTERSHESIS{Demuth2014, author = {Dustin Demuth}, title = {{Integration of geospatial services into e-Government applications based on e-Government and SDI standards}}, school = {University of Münster}, year = {2014}, month = {12}, url = {} }

Publish data from local weatherstation as json

Offline since 2015, due to database issues.

A Citizen Science Sensor Platform as a Live Link from GIS to the Internet of Things

Dustin Demuth, Arne Bröring, Albert Remke
Published: Paper for AGILE-Conference, May 2013
Abstract.Making citizen science sensor platforms and their measured data accessible to GIS users can be a challenging task. Data has to be discovered, downloaded, and converted before adding it to a GIS project. To facilitate integration and enhance interoperability between sensor platforms and GIS, this work proposes a method for accessing sensorplatforms directly through GIS. Our approach implements selected parts of the OGC GeoServices REST API directly on a sensor platform, thus making it a first class node on the Internet of Things. Users can get a live view of what is measured in the field, in their GIS.
@INPROCEEDINGS{Demuth2013b, author = {Dustin Demuth AND Arne Bröring AND Albert Remke}, title = {{A Citizen Science Sensor Platform as a Live Link from GIS to the Internet of Things}}, year = {2013}, note = {Shortpaper for AGILE 2013 - Conference, May 2013}, url = {} }

The AirQuality SenseBox

Dustin Demuth
Published: not published, long version of EGU 2013 paper
@misc{Demuth2013c, author = {Dustin Demuth}, title = {{The AirQuality SenseBox}}, year = {2013}, url = {} }

The AirQuality SenseBox

Dustin Demuth, Daniel Nüst, Arne Bröring, Edzer Pebesma
Published: Abstract for EGU-Conference, April 2013
@CONFERENCE{Demuth2013a, author = {Dustin Demuth AND Daniel Nüst AND Arne Bröring AND Edzer Pebesma}, title = {{The AirQuality SenseBox}}, year = {2013}, volume = {15}, number = {EGU2013-5146}, series = {Geophysical Research Abstracts}, month = {April}, organization = {European Geosciences Union}, note = {Abstract for EGU-Conference, April 2013}, howpublished = {\url{}}, url = {} }

A live Link from GIS to the Internet of Things

Dustin Demuth, Arne Bröring
Published: Abstract for GEOINFORMATIK 2013 - Conference, March 2013
@INPROCEEDINGS{Demuth2013, author = {Dustin Demuth AND Arne Bröring}, title = {{A live Link from GIS to the Internet of Things}}, year = {2013}, note = {Abstract for GEOINFORMATIK 2013 - Conference, March 2013}, howpublished = {\url{}}, url = {} }

Thesis: A Web Of Things Integrated Sensor Platform For Precision Agriculture

Grade: 2.0
Published: unpublished
Abstract. This thesis introduces the AgriSenseBox, a Web of Things integrated Sensor Platform for Precision Agriculture. Based upon open hardware, the AgriSenseBox provides a web server containing a RESTful interface. The sensor platform is deployable in the field and makes sensor data processable without caring of differing formats. The AgriSenseBox is encoding its measurements as JSON using the structure proposed by O&M and hands out links to descriptions of the attached sensors. Following the principles of the WoT, sensor data is browseable by using web standards, such as HTTP and URI.
@BACHELORTHESIS{Demuth2012, author = {Dustin Demuth}, title = {{A Web of Things integrated Sensor Platform for Precision Agriculture}}, school = {University of Münster}, year = {2012}, month = {March}, url = {} }

Project Report: Linked Data Sensor Platform

Autermann, Demuth, Kiehl, Winkler
Published: unpublished
Abstract. The solution presented in this report was developed in the seminar "Linked Data Engeneering Lab" Winter 2011 @ It presents a possibility to query RESTenabled Sensor Platforms and converting the gathered data into "Linked Data" including sensor descriptions.

Track-based OSM Print Maps

Holger FRITZE, Dustin DEMUTH, Kristina KNOPPE, Klaus DRERUP
Published: Conference Proceedings Geoinformatik 2011
Abstract. Mobile devices have become more and more powerful in the last years and it is possible to use them for locating and navigation. But are they always the better choice than using a paper map? In many situations – e.g. on a long hike – a paper map is still useful. This project aims at providing map booklets based on OpenStreetMap data. In comparison to similar projects creating print maps for an area of interest this projects creates a map booklet along a given GPS track with customizable rendering options and overlapping map sections.
@INCOLLECTION{FRITZE2011, author = {Holger FRITZE and Dustin DEMUTH and Kristina KNOPPE and Klaus DRERUP}, title = {Track-based OSM Print Maps}, booktitle = {Conference Proceedings Geoinformatik 2011}, publisher = {AKA Verlag}, year = {2011}, editor = {Schwering, A.; Pebesma, E.; Behnke, K.}, url = {} }